Kathy Hillgartner

Administrative Assistant

Qualifications: Kathy has been working with our clients for 9 years. She provides excellent customer service and focuses on building long term relationships with clients in our Stoney Creek branch. She looks forward to the future and new endeavors in the financial field.

Our Philosophy for GICs:
We don’t just find you the highest paying GICs. We make sure your GIC portfolio is safely protected by the government’s deposit insurance coverage. We also keep you informed. We contact you in advance of your upcoming GIC maturities to let you know where the best rates available to us are for your renewals.

We strive to be the very best GIC investment provider in our region. We think we’ve achieved that goal after 35 years of GIC investing. We humbly, honestly believe that “nobody does it better”.

Kathy resides in Wellandport, Ontario with her husband Mark. Kathy loves traveling to Northern Ontario to enjoy cottage life in the summer and ice fishing in the winter. She enjoys tending to her vegetable garden and loves to cook and bake.